Four Decades of Fresh Dough Pizza

Deluxe Menus and Signature Décor Keep Diners Flocking to The Dough Roller
by Grace Silipigni

Like most locally owned businesses, The Dough Roller takes significant pride in its Ocean City home and strives to create a memorable dining experience for both first-time visitors and returning Rollers. Founder and owner of The Dough Roller, William Gibbs, Jr., explains that the recipe for success at the renowned family restaurant is simple – “Good food, reasonably priced, and served fast by a welcoming staff proud of who we are.”

Gibbs, his wife, Julie, and their three sons, Gary, Jeff and Kevin, designed an enticing menu sure to satisfy the tastebuds of any Ocean City visitor. The Dough Roller serves everything from salads and sandwiches to all-day pancakes, Italian-style dinners and its specialty fresh dough pizzas. “You can [dine with us] 20 times and still find something new and exciting [during every visit],” says Gibbs.

When Gibbs first envisioned The Dough Roller in 1979, he imagined a refined take on the classic American pizza parlor. “I wanted pizza to be served in a better, nicer environment than the old laminated, plastic knife and fork operation,” explains Gibbs. “I like wood, antique lights, and my wife [Julie], who decorated all Dough Rollers, liked wall paper. It all just came together and was a big hit!”

Forty years later, the classic décor and unique logo is continually celebrated by locals and tourists alike. Whether dining on the Boardwalk or along Coastal Highway, guests are greeted with the same friendly manner, timeless décor and tasty familiarity of Dough Roller eats.

For more information about The Dough Roller, call 410-524-7981 or visit Find them at 41st Street & Coastal Highway, 70th Street & Coastal Highway, 3rd Street & Boardwalk and South Division Street & Boardwalk.


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