The Ocean Princess Head Boat Ocean City, Maryland

The Ocean Princess Head Boat

When you visit Ocean City, take a fishing trip aboard The Ocean Princess.

Ocean City Fishing Trips aboard The Ocean Princess

Ocean City, Maryland is an angler’s paradise. With hundreds of miles of shoreline and plenty of waterways, fishing opportunities abound. Fishing in Ocean City can be done in the surf, off the pier or by boat. If you don’t have your own boat to launch out into Ocean City’s waters, take a fishing excursion with one of the local head boats. These are a great way to discover some of Ocean City’s best fishing spots with the help of a local expert. When you visit Ocean City, take a fishing trip aboard The Ocean Princess.

About The Ocean Princess

The Ocean Princess is one of the largest and fastest head boats in Ocean City, Maryland. The Ocean Princess is owned by Captain Victor Bunting Jr., a professional in Ocean City fishing. The 80-foot-long boat offers a stable ride across the ocean. With plenty of deck space and seating, this vessel can comfortably accommodate 70 guests. The V12 turbo-charged diesel engine boat is equipped with some of the latest electronics, and is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Ocean Princess Fishing Trips and Charters

The Ocean Princess’ year-round fishing charters are perfect for anglers of all ages and skill levels. Let the professional crew assist you during your trip.

The Ocean Princess fishing trips

Families and fishermen not looking to spend a whole day on the water should book the Half Day Fishing trip. With a morning and afternoon trip, this is four hours of fishing. Sea bass is the primary catch during these trips but you can also reel in croaker, flounder or tautog.

Those interested in a deep-sea fishing experience can book the 5 ½ Hour Wreck Fishing or 12 Hour Wreck Fishing trips. The 5 ½ Hour Wreck Trip is typically between April and May, and is geared toward tautog fishing. The 12 Hour Wreck Fishing trip is one of the most popular trips during the off season. Anglers can primarily catch sea bass as well as the occasional tautog, trigger fish and flounder. This lengthy tour gives fishermen a chance to venture farther from the shore.

For an after-hours fishing experience, book the Night Fishing trip. The Ocean Princess is the only head boat in Ocean City that offers fishing at night during summer. On select nights, you can begin your trip by watching the sunset, then reel in sea bass, croaker or trigger fish.

Children are welcome on all of The Ocean Princess’ fishing trips, except for the 12 Hour Wreck Fishing. The Ocean Princess also offers five-and-a-half-hour seasonal fishing specials during spring and fall.

The Ocean Princess Rates

Prices are subject to change without notice due to fluctuating fuel costs.

Half Day Fishing

Adults: $44 | Children under 12: $24

5 ½ Hour Wreck Fishing

Adults: $55 | Children under 12: $28

12 Hour Wreck Fishing

Adults: $110

Night Fishing

Adults: $44 | Children under 12: $24

Spring and Fall Specials

Adults: $44 | Children under 12: $24

More Information about The Ocean Princess

The Ocean Princess is located at 307 Dorchester St., Ocean City.

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