Ocean City water activities

Ocean City Activities on the Water

Things to Do on the Water in Ocean City

Ocean City is surrounded by water. From the ocean to the inlet, the city is nearly 90 percent water. With miles of shoreline, public beach access points and plenty of bodies of water to explore, Ocean City is a fantastic coastal community.

From the Assawoman Bay to the Atlantic Ocean, Ocean City’s waterways are perfect for dozens of water activities. Whether you want to cool off from a hot day in the sun or rev up for some excitement you’re sure to find an activity the whole family will enjoy.

Ocean City Water Sports and Activities

Wave Runners and Jet Skis

Speed across Isle of Wight Bay and over rippling waves with a friend along for the ride. Area rental companies make sure this is a fun and safe experience. Outfitters make sure you are properly trained before driving the craft, and most companies give you a designated riding area to explore. Remember, keep on the lookout for others sharing Ocean City’s waterways with you—including the wildlife!

Flyboard, Hoverboard and Jetovator

These three thrilling water sports will transform your beach vacation into an extreme adventure. By using the propulsion of the air and water, each of these watercrafts will boost you up, down and all around during an exhilarating flight. These unique water sports are not only safe, but will make your dreams of taking flight and walking on water a reality.


Soar above the Atlantic and see the best views of Ocean City and Assateague Island from the air. One of the most popular beach activities, parasailing, can actually be done without even getting your feet wet. Many companies ask if you’d prefer to take off and land from the boat or the water. Watch dolphins and other wildlife and take in beautiful views of the inland bays and city landscape.

Ocean City parasailing

Rent a Boat

Pontoons, jet boats, fishing boats, cruisers, skiffs—the possibilities are endless. Just choose your craft and set out on your own voyage in the surrounding waters. Pontoons and deck boats are great for groups. Enjoy an afternoon cruising, swimming, snacking and tanning in Assawoman Bay and the many inlets. Or if you’re craving some speed, rent a speedboat or cruiser. Experienced anglers can skip the charter and rent their own skiff for a solo, deep sea fishing adventure.


It’s a passion shared by millions around the world—the coveted feeling of riding a wave. The best way to get a good start surfing is by taking a lesson or two on the basics. Ocean City surf schools will teach you how to get from lying down on your board to standing up, how to pick the perfect wave and how to fall without hurting yourself. There are designated surfing beaches, but if you come when the lifeguards are off duty, every beach is a surfing beach.


Great for exploring Ocean City and Assateague Island’s remote coastal areas, kayaking gives people an up-close view of some of our country’s last preserved natural beaches. Take a kayak tour and allow a guide to lead you through unspoiled areas while explaining the ecosystem and wildlife around you.

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Cruises and Tours

From nature excursions to high-speed cruises, there is a wide variety of public cruises to choose from in Ocean City. Kids and families will love the pirate-themed cruises for quality entertainment on the water, while couples may enjoy a sunset cruise aboard a sailboat or yacht. There are also sightseeing excursions for dolphin watching, fishing, bird watching and nature viewing.

Standup Paddleboarding

The bays of Ocean City make the perfect location to try standup paddleboarding. When you want to get more of a workout in, SUP is the ultimate sport to take to the water! Gather your friends or family members for a day of paddleboarding and explore the area’s many waterways. For an exciting twist on SUP, try nighttime paddleboarding with the beautiful Ocean City skyline lit up in the background. Seek out our fabulous local businesses for more information on renting paddleboards.

Ocean City paddleboarding

Ocean City Water Rentals

Certain water activities require specific equipment that you can’t bring from home. Fortunately, Ocean City has plenty of businesses that rent out all of the gear you need for a day on the water. Rent surfboards for your size, top-of-the-line jet skis and hoverboards or kayaks for you and a friend.

Find these watersport rental companies near the boardwalk or at the Ocean City Inlet. They’ll make sure you get the equipment you need, give you safety instructions and even tips and tricks to make the most of your time on the water.

You won’t regret trying out one or all of these exciting water adventures! Ocean City is all about the water.