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Nick's Maui Golf

Mini Golf in Ocean City

Take a swing at some family-friendly fun with an exciting game of mini golf at one of Ocean City’s courses.

Best Places for Mini Golf in Ocean City, Maryland

There are so many activities to fill your days when you visit Ocean City, Maryland. While hitting the beach is a must, there’s so much more to discover. For some fun outside, golfing in Ocean City is always a popular choice. While these beautifully landscaped links may call to you, golfing may not be best for your little ones. Take a swing at some family-friendly fun with an exciting game of mini golf. Ocean City has plenty of wonderful themed mini golf courses. Grab the whole family and play a few rounds on these outdoor courses.

Top 5 Places for Mini Golf in Ocean City

Here are the top five places for mini golf in Ocean City, Maryland.

  1. Old Pro Golf

Providing family fun to Ocean City locals and visitors for over 50 years, Old Pro Golf’s mini golf courses feature elaborate themes with mechanized obstacles to create challenging holes. Old Pro Golf has four locations along Ocean City’s main drag. Each location has an exciting adventure theme. Visit the Temple of the Dragon on 23rd Street, Renaissance Castle on 28th Street, Prehistoric Dinosaur on 68th Street or Caribbean Pirates on 136th Street. Old Pro also has two indoor courses on 68th Street and 136th Street for some fun on a rainy day.

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  1. Lost Treasure Golf

Travel to a deserted island in South America without leaving Ocean City. Lost Treasure Golf, located on 139th Street and Coastal Highway, follows the expeditions of explorer Professor Duffer A. Hacker to the Fogclift Islands. In the foot steps of Professor Hacker, putt your way through one of the two expeditions in search of ancient gold and diamonds hidden on the islands. These two adventurous 18-hole mini golf courses will take you over mountains, through caves and by waterfalls.

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  1. Embers Island

Find volcanos and pirates just off Ocean City’s Coastal Highway. Embers Island boasts two innovative and challenging mini golf courses. Between all 36 tropical-themed putting greens, you’ll find pirate ships, caves and water features as obstacles to avoid. Choose from the pirate-themed course or the volcano-themed course.

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  1. Nick’s Mini Golf

Experience a different 18-hole adventure at each of Nick’s Mini Golf’s locations in Ocean City. Travel back to prehistoric times at Jurassic Golf on 18th Street. This course features near life-sized dinosaurs that are sure to wow. For more dino fun, visit Nick’s Dino Golf on 125th Street. Say “aloha” when you visit Nick’s Maui Golf on 57th Street. You’ll forget you’re in Ocean City has you work your way through the tropical-themed course. From Hawaii you can go to the outback at Nick’s Golf Down Under on 146th Street. Ranked one of the best mini golf courses in the area, the whole family will love spotting kangaroos at this Australian themed-course.

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  1. Jolly Roger Mini Golf

Jolly Roger is a family of popular, thrilling amusements in Ocean City. Part of Jolly Roger Amusements is Jolly Roger Mini Golf. Located at Jolly Roger Amusement Park on 30th Street, Jolly Roger Mini Golf consists of two courses, Jungle Golf and Treasure Golf.

Jungle Golf takes you on an adventure through the tropical rain forest, under waterfalls and over mountains. Watch out as wild animals and an erupting volcano are around every corner. Seek out buried treasure at Treasure Golf. Pirates are lurking along the course to protect their treasure.

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