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5 Tips for Planning a Vacation to Ocean City on a Budget

Here are five tips for saving money when you visit Ocean City.

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Save on Your Vacation to Ocean City

A trip to Ocean City is the perfect time to unwind and let your cares drift out into the ocean. From finding the perfect hotel or beachfront rental, to enjoying all of the watersports, attractions and activities possible, it’s easy for your vacation to become pricey. However, a trip to Ocean City does not have to break the bank.

Fun in the sun on Maryland’s coastline can be enjoyed on any budget. As you’re planning your Ocean City vacation, keep these helpful money-saving tips in mind.

5 Tips for Planning a Vacation to Ocean City on a Budget

Here are five tips for saving money when you visit Ocean City.

  1. Avoid Peak Vacation Times

Major holidays and weekends are the busiest times of year to visit Ocean City. Many hotels charge increased rates from Memorial Day through Labor Day. In addition to this time of year being more expensive, it’s also when the beaches are most populated, meaning rooms typically get booked faster than normal.

If possible, plan your beach getaway for a weekday or in September when schools are back in session and rates are lower.

  1. Plan Your Vacation Ahead of Time

Planning your vacation ahead of time is one of the best and easiest ways to save money. This gives you more time to budget and plan for the accommodations, attractions and activities you’ll want to enjoy when you get to Ocean City.

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If you plan on taking your vacation in the summer, start planning now. Winter is the best time of year to plan your summer vacation. Not only will you have the excitement of your trip for months, you will also be able to take advantage of early booking offers.

  1. Start Saving Early

Once you have your dates set, start saving your money. When you budget for a vacation, you have to keep in mind all of your expenses, including accommodations, transportation, meals and activities. Instead of getting overwhelmed by this number, put a little aside from each paycheck up until your trip. Every cent can help make sure you have the funds for a fantastic trip.

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  1. Choose Accommodations Away from the Busy Areas

While it may be tempting to want to stay right near the Ocean City Boardwalk or in an oceanfront property near the best attractions, it can be more expensive.

There are plenty of great hotels, motels and campsites that are less expensive and away from the busier parts of the city. Rental properties can also be more budget friendly compared to hotels. Take advantage of your rental home’s kitchen to save on meals.

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  1. Utilize the Ocean City Visitors Guide

When you arrive to Ocean City, be sure to pick up an Ocean City Visitors Guide. Inside, you’ll find information on family-friendly activities and attractions, as well as restaurants, shopping watersports and more. There are also plenty of coupons towards some of the area’s most popular businesses.

Before you leave, browse the OceanCity.guide for even more travel tips, recommendations, coupons and more.

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